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Important Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you.

Sure. We provide makeover services at your doorstep. But we also have the option of doing it at our studio. You need to choose between the options as per your requirement.
We offer value packages if you buy three of our makeover programs.
Yes, you need to book an appointment with us over the phone or by personally visiting our place.
Yes, we have option for trial services both at your place or at our studio.
you can make the payment in cash or Online Transfer. We also accept Paytm, Google Pay & Phone Pay.
Yes, you can but you will be charging a certain percentage if you do not inform us in time.
Yes, we arrange it for you with an extra charge to pay.
Yes, we offer specialized makeover services for every style for every special moment in your life.
We cannot make you totally make you look like your favourite film star as it will need a cosmetic surgery. But we can make a look that will be the closest in every respect.
100%. We use best products and cosmetics of most reputed brands and use it in required proportion with 200% safety measures.

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